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Coil tester

Impulse Winding Tester DWX Series

Ultra-low-inductance coil, high-speed test specification!
1μH coil is tested in 10msec !

For evaluation test: It can be used for the detailed evaluation test of coil parts.
For high-speed test: device Impression time 4msec, It is operated by test interval of 10msec.
*Pulse impression 1 pulse , without Judgment , during speed without screen display
*Part of it is related to function and performance, and is among patent


The model is specialized in the insulation test of chip power inductor coil.
4 terminal testing circuits can be performed sufficiently with applied high voltage to ultra-low inductance coil. Maximum of 1000v (shown on screen) impression is possible to a minimum of 1μH coil.
Detailed response waveform is displayed as twice as many wave-form sampling resolution by testing machine.
High-speed test can be done with shortest test time of 30msec with 1 pulse application, and mass-production in line is possible. Each function of a test mode" and the "breakdown test mode" which performs detailed evaluation is carried in one set.
Impression of one pulse, high-speed test can be done without a judgment in shortest test time of 10msec, and mass-production line is possible.
It also suits to a choke , motor coil, and coil with few numbers of turns besides a chip power inductor.

Comparison of standard DWX-05A performance

  DWX-300LI DWX-01LI DWX-05A
Application precision test Ultra-low inductance Ordinary coil parts At large
Minimum 0.1μH~10mH 0.1μH~10mH 10μH~100mH
Maximum 3~300V 10~1200V 5000V
Setting voltage 0.3V 1.2V 100V
Maximum 1μH during 300V 1μH during 1000V 10μH during 1000V
Waveform 200MHz fairly 100MHz
Minimum test time
(During 1 pulse impression)
HI Speed Mode
Without judgment 10msec
With judgment 18msec
Test mode
Without screen display
With screen display 108msec
Area (Area% ) ,Waveform difference area (Dif Area),
Peak voltage (Peak Stb%)
Electric discharge level (Laplacian),
Waveform extinction ratio (Laplacian%)
Break-down-voltage evaluation test (BDV)
Resist pressure evaluation test by manual operation
(Manual BDV)
Area (Area)
Waveform difference area (Dif Area)
Amount of electric ischarge (Flutter)
Electric discharge level (Laplacian)
Test circuit Test circuit 2 terminals
Test cable range Recommended 1.5m (maximum 3m) Recommended 1.6m
(maximum 3m)
PD test Failure PD Symetry
Number of master waveform memory 196 models, External control by extended RS-232C and I/O and CF memory card, Result Log preservation, Screen hard copy preservation
External I/O
control signal
Impression trigger (Trig), High-speed interface timing
corresponds for inspection hair driers
The start of test (Start), Under an examination
(Busy) etc. ,External control
External size 345(W)×185(H)×360(D)
Accessories 1.5m of 4 terminal examination cables 1.6m of examination cables
Power supply AC100/115/220/240 ±5% Changeable

Applied waveform example

Waveform of 0.2μH non-core coil