Various measurement hardware and inspection equipment|Impulse winding tester


Coil tester

Integrated tester
General Winding Testing Machine WTS-05

Motor, transformer and coil tests are done on this unit!!
All in one tester for coil winding products!!


4tests can be carried out with one unit
1. Impulse test
2. DC resistance test
3. AC voltage test
4. Insulation resistance test
Built-in 10 circuits switcher free selection
Additional options
1. Impulse PD (partial discharge) test*1
2. Inductance test*2
3. Rotation direction*2

*1: PD sensor added
*2: Connected with specified measuring instrument


Front panel
Back panel


Impulse test Applied voltage 0.5kV~5.0kV 0.1kV step
Judgment item Area, Diff-Area、Flutter or Laplacian
Test inductance range 10µH less
DC resistance Measurement terminal

4 terminal measurement method

Measurement range 1.000mΩ~350.00Ω
AC Hi-Pot Test voltage

AC0.2kV~5.0kV (50Hz/60Hz)

Output capacity 100VA(5.0kV、20mA)
Measurement range Upper limit 0.01〜20.00mA 
Lower limit 0.01〜19.99 mA and OFF
Insulation resistance
Test voltage DC25V/50V/100V/250V/500V/1000V
Measurement range 0.001~9990MΩ
Test pattern
Number of switching 10 circuits Hi/Lo can be arbitrarily set
Test step Maximum 100 steps (total 200 steps)


External communication

RS-232C、I/O、USB(Data storage only)

Accessories AC cable 1, Test cable(1.5m)10
Dimension/Weight W430×H245×D485    weight 27.5kg
Power supply voltage 100V~240V
Impulse Partial Discharge Detection method The electromagnetic discharge detection depends on the micro-sensor
Judgment item PD level ,PD count
Extended test (connection of measuring instruments and automatic testing is possible)
Inductance measurement Connected device 3533 by HIOKI(RS232C option required)
Rotation direction test Connected device RMC-01C by ECG / 212  by EMATIC