Various measurement hardware and inspection equipment|Impulse winding tester


Coil tester

Impulse winding tester DWX Series

An Innovative Design for Low Inductance Coil!

This state-of-the-art tester offers a new solution for low inductance coil test.

Coil tester

Comprehensive testing machine

Coil transformer motor automatic test equipment

Our company is manufacturing automatic test equipments, such as a coil transformer motor, for years, and has obtained support from the broad User.

Discharge testing machine

With regards to partial discharge test

Microwave patch antenna system
The partial discharge is not influenced by high sensitivity of the testing circuit !!

It is necessary for the examination of coil parts, such as Household appliance, Car, Industrial commodity, including coil of the inverter motor which will be used or increased from now on!

Inductor testing machine

Insulation tester

Ultra Low Inductance Coil / High Speed Test Specification!

For evaluation test It can be used for the detailed evaluation test of coil parts. For high-speed test device Impression time 4msec, It is operated by test interval of 10msec.
* Pulse impression 1 pulse , without Judgment , during speed without screen display

Unusual sound and vibration testing machine

Motor vibrophonic monitor
Leakage Detector

Motor grounder sound tester

The acceleration type detector of high sensitivity is attached to the bearing, and the ground sound is obtained directly. It is not influenced by the surrounding noise etc. and accurate measurement is achieved.


Mechanical products

Ease of use was pursued with the newest microcomputer technology. And I also realized large low-pricing.