Various measurement hardware and inspection equipment|Impulse winding tester


Coil tester

Integrated tester
Armature Coil Test System

Characteristics to be inspected
Control method You can specify intended apparatus etc.
Or suited proposal could be offered by us.

Automatic Testing Equipment

Measurement Apparatus
Control Method
Company Know How
Inspection Equipment


Carry out combined control of each testing machine, and do all the examinations automatically.
Moreover, it is also possible to switch a circuit manually and to examine individually.
If personal computer control is used, registration of a judging standard , an individual examination, etc. can be done.All can also be operated from a screen.

PC Screen

Examination Screen
The result value of each examination and a judgment are quite obvious.
The number of times of an examination is also counted.
Judging standard value creation screen
each measuring instrument is not operated but creation of a judging standard is simply possible on a screen.
Test result screen
Test result data is saved by a CSV file. Impulse waveform preservation is also possible by bit map .


Primary power
User specification voltage(100V、200V、240V level)
Rack size 530(W)×1700(H)×750(D) (※( Based on specification)
Painting color User specification
The main examination items
Impulse Teste (layer short , Partial discharge)
DC resistance teste
Insulation resistance test
AC resisting pressure test
Rotation checker , Polarity test
LCR measurement
No-load current ・Power measurement
Induction voltage measurement
Torque measurement
Number of rotations measurement ・Others
Optional feature
Test result data storage (Equiped with standard PC specs)
Contact and a non-contact temperature measurement (DC resistance correction for temperature)
Process control (input of data such as workers ID , model number,edit, and management, etc)
Bar code inputs (read out of standard value, string attachment of test result, etc.)
Examination results document creation and automatic printing (Label Printer etc. correspond)