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Coil tester

Comprehensive testing machine
Automatic Winding Testing Machine AWX-05S

This equipment is a system which does several electric characteristic tests, such as Armature and Stator coils. It is a system which performs an automatic test and judge according to the set-up parameters, and anyone can perform quality test judgment easily by desorbing a work.
Moreover, an impulse test is efficient and does the electric examination of the winding state by not destroying the item.
It is inductance and Q which the damped oscillatory wave form generated in a transient phenomenon waveform, i.e., coil, and when there are number of turns difference in a coil, a core, the difference in the material, etc. can judge it simultaneously.
That is, almost all characters required as a quality of winding can be inspected very much in a short time.


Reduction of Cost
High Speed Inspection
Improved durability


Armature coil automatic testing machine AWX-05A

In this system, welding resistance (fusing resistance) is judged by increasing the accuracy of resistance measurement . As for test item, DC resistance, fusing resistance, impulse test, AC withstand voltage, insulation resistance is performed. It can measure up to 32 poles (DC resistance, impulse).

Stator coil automatic testing machine AWX-05S

As for measurement item, DC resistance, impulse test, AC withstand voltage, insulation resistance. It can measure up to 6 circuits (DC resistance, impulse, AC withstand voltage).

■Optional rotation test, 2 station test stand and safety cover for jig parts are also available.

Measuring table 

Measuring table
Stator coil automatic
testing machine
Armature coil automatic
testing machine

Test specification

DC resistance test Time base range accuracy 2mΩ~2kΩ、±0.5%(with regards to F.S)
Measurement range 20m/200mΩ/2Ω/20Ω/200Ω/2kΩ
Impulse test Applied voltage

Output accuracy

50~1000V,10V step(DWX-01A)
0.5~5.0kV,  0.1kV step(DWX-05A)

±5%(resistance load 1kΩ)
Number of waveform storage 196 waveforms
Insulation resistance test Test voltage

DC 500V / DC 1000V

Measurement range, accuracy 1000MΩ、±3%

AC withstand voltage test

Test voltage

MAX AC5000V (capacity 500VA)

Measurement range, accuracy 0.5mA~25mA・100mA、±3%
Receipt part

The primary voltage

Secondary voltage

Max AC100V/200V/220V±10% 50/60Hz

Single phase AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Rack size Measuring section W=530,H=1400,D=750
機種メモリー   30 models(stator),10 models (armature)

Measurement circuit (step)

AWX-05A(armature coil) AWX-05S (stator coil)
In the case of the number of slots ...... 12 slot
DC resistance ...... 12 times
Fusing resistor ... 12 times  
Impulse ........ 3 to 12 times  
The breakdown voltage and insulation resistance ...
1 each
In the case of single-phase, three-phase up to 6 lead wires
DC resistance ......... 6 times
Impulse ........ 6 times

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